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Uri Geller makes sensational claim that he was shown evidence of aliens at US military facility

Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller has claimed he was shown "alien artifacts" at a top secret military facility in the US.

Uri Geller UFOs and aliens
Uri Geller claims he was shown alien artifacts in a secret US military base

The famous spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller has made a bold claim whilst speaking to the Daily Star newspaper. He has said that he was once leg into a US military facility and was shown objects that he said "felt alive", and appeared to be "breathing".

The 74-year-old has also claimed that he first got his self-proclaimed psychic powers from aliens. He said that when he was three years old he was struct by a "bright light" from a UFO which he claims "activated" his psychic powers.

Uri Geller has told the story of how he was taken to a laboratory by the US government and explained how he was shown a piece of metal that came from a crashed UFO. He claims that a US soldier who was wearing an orange coat with NASA logo on it was also in the lab at the time he was shown the apparent alien metal.

Geller said in his own words: "A huge fridge door was opened and my jaw dropped. There were loads of bits of UFOs and that validated the existence of aliens for me."

He said the material he was shown “felt alive” and as though it was “breathing”.

After sharing his story, Geller said that he doesn't believe that the public are ready for the truth about what is really going on with UFOs and aliens. He said: “Area 51, UFOs, it’s all true. The major world leaders know about it but the public is not ready for the truth unfortunately. The US government knows a lot more than it is letting on.

"Sooner or later I want to catch UFOs and prove their existence but Earth is not ready yet. One day we’ll be ready to interact.

"There will be a light in the sky which zooms away in speeds beyond technological possibilities."

He also made the claim that two of his celebrity friends had seen flying saucers during their lifetimes, John Lennon and Muhammed Ali.

Whatever your beliefs are on the UFO & alien agenda around the world, Uri Geller has made some very wild statements in the past so there is likely to be a highly split public opinion on if they believe what he is saying is credible or not. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, don't forget to follow us on Facebook for more stories like this. If you are interested in further UFO whistle blowers have a read about Phil Schneider.


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