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Three Dead Following Fatal Shooting & Knife Attack In Japan

Three people have died and one was left with serious injuries following a stabbing and shooting in Japan, with the suspected killer barricading himself inside a building. Authorities established an evacuation zone around the scene.

At least three people have been killed in a rare shooting incident in Japan.
At least three people have been killed in a rare shooting incident in Japan.

A masked man was chasing a woman in Nakano City, Japan. When she fell over, the attacker stabbed her with a knife and shot at two police officers who arrived at the scene.

The woman, and both police officers, were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they all later died.

A fourth person was injured before the suspect fled the scene and barricaded himself inside a building.

The suspect was wearing a camouflage top, bottoms, and hat with a mask and sunglasses, according to local media.

The killer is believed to have barricaded himself in the house of the city council president and several gunshots were heard near to the site.

Footage showed uniformed police wearing bulletproof vests and carrying riot shields with an ambulance nearby.

Authorities urged those in the area to remain indoors.

According to CNN, a spokesperson for Nakano City told authorities that a designated "evacuation zone" had been established with a radius of 300 metres around the scene.

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