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The UK Company Making Professional Ghost Hunting Available To The Masses

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Meet Sam and his close knit team of paranormal experts who have made professional level ghost hunting available to the everyday supernatural enthusiast, all from their humble set-up in Sheffield.

SpiritShack Ghost Hunting Equipment
Sheffield based SpiritShack have quickly propelled to the forefront of paranormal investigations in the UK

So, we love something that is a bit different and sways away from the norm, that is why when we came across this UK based company that is producing equipment to assist in the taboo subject of ghost hunting we just had to reach out to them!

We have all seen the TV shows such as Most Haunted, and movies such as Annabelle, all of which tell the stories of professional ghost hunters investigating the world of the paranormal. All of these investigators are seen setting up hi-tech equipment, motion detectors and gadgets that look like some form of modern day wizardry, if like us you thought this type of stuff was just for the TV, your wrong! When we stumbled across the website of SpiritShack we thought we would get in contact and ask some questions, to our surprise we got a prompt reply from the company owner and founder Sam Ashford was more than happy to answer our questions!

ghost hunting equipment
SpiritShack is the UK's largest supplier of ghost hunting equipment

Firstly we wanted to know was how does a qualified electrician from Sheffield end up in the position of running a company that is based around such a unique and certainly niche marketplace, and one that most of us associate with Ghostbusters or Scooby Doo, however, it would appear it maybe not as unbelievable as we first thought when you look at their colossal sales figures.

"I had a frightening paranormal experience as a 12 year old, and have believed in the paranormal ever since. And have always watched anything supernatural and paranormal related. I met my ex wife 15 years ago and she is a psychic medium, I watched her walk up to strangers to tell them things she could not have possibly know on many occasions. This strengthened my believe and fascination with the paranormal. I lost count of how many times we watched Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted. During my time with her we experimented with Ouija boards and pendulums at home, and I was always reading paranormal articles and learning. I split with her 4 years ago, and have been with my current partner Kelly for 3 years, who is also a psychic medium. She has also shocked me as well knowing things she can’t possibly know. It wasn’t long into the relationship we decided to go ghost hunting, and started buying our own equipment." Sam explained to us.
"Around 2 years ago after ghost hunting ourselves for around a year, we decided to start making our own equipment and started selling it online. I was selling as a sole trader at first on eBay and Amazon, and was shocked at how popular our products were."

Sam explained to us how quickly SpiritShack has grown and evolved into a world leader when it comes to ghost hunting equipment, started only 2-years-ago, this one mans passion and idea has catapulted at an alarming rate, with the company boasting turnover of approximately £800,000 in just it's second year and fulfilling the demand from some of the biggest paranormal investigators from around the globe.

We have supplied ghost hunting equipment to thousands of paranormal teams throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. Some of the larger ghost hunting teams we have supplied equipment to are “The Paranormal Files”, they are based in the US and have a YouTube channel. “Ghosts of Britain”, they are the largest UK ghost hunting team on Facebook. “Exploring with Fighters”, another large UK team on YouTube.

The numbers that we were given by SpiritShack are certainly impressive, but what we found even more special was the 14,700 online reviews, almost all of which praise the company for its exceptional customer service and product quality, it almost boggles the mind when you realise that there are even over 14,000 people actively out on the hunt for wandering spirits kitted out with all this gear, and by reading the reviews they are getting results!

SpiritShack Ghost Hunting
The SpiritPod X1 is first and best selling product from SpiritShack

We have a love for anything paranormal, we spend hours each day researching and fact checking stories of haunted houses, poltergeists, and reporting's of demonic possessions, however, technical knowledge of the equipment used to find these hidden entities is something we don't have, so we questioned Sam on SpiritShack's best selling products and how you use it.

Our most popular product is our SpiritPod X1, which was out first product. It’s a rem pod, which detects static electricity, something spirits are believed to be made up of. It has an antenna on the top, which detects the static electricity. And it has 4 lights and speaker to alert you when it has been triggered. The quantity of lights, and the volume vary depending on the strength of the static it picks up. Once turned on, you place it down in a haunted location, and ask spirits to come towards it and touch it. It will trigger if this happens. They are handy if you have a few of them, as you can place them in different rooms, doorways and corridors. If you hear one trigger, you can move to that location and attempt communication with a spirit box or EVP recorder.

SpiritShack are very welcoming on "newbies" to the hobby and have their doors open to answer any questions that any would-be ghost hunter might have, we questioned them on what would be the first bit of advice for anyone with an interest in starting getting involved with this ever-growing pastime. Sam told us,

I would advise anyone wanting to get into ghost hunting to do some research first. There are hundreds of useful ghost hunting articles online which can be found using Google. And to watch other ghost hunters on YouTube, to get and idea of what it involves. I would advise learning how to protect yourself with prayers and incantations, and to not disrespect or antagonise spirits at any haunted location. Once you have a little knowledge, find some friends or family members to take with you, as its not safe going to any abandoned building alone, and pick up some basic equipment. We always recommend getting an EMF meter and voice recorder first. As they are relatively cheap and easy to use. The EMF meter will detect any electromagnetic fields, something spirits are believed to be made up of. And the voice recorder for communication.

Where to buy a Ouija Board
SpiritShack also have their own line of Ouija Boards available

Everyday we get comments and questions on our stories of peoples encounters using a Ouija Board, usually it is a mixed bag of content, some from people telling of their experiences whilst using one, to those sceptics who believe it's nonsense, we thought that there would be no one more qualified to answer the age old question of "Do Ouija Boards Actually Work?" than the man who owns the company that manufacture their own range of them!

I believe Ouija boards work, but not in the way most think. As spirits have no physical form, they don’t actually move the planchette. They are made up of electrical energy, and are able to subconsciously influence one of the Ouija board users to move the planchette, without their knowledge. A theory I have been researching for some time now. I believe the more open you are psychically, the easier it is for spirits to do this to somebody, similar to how channelling works. I’m not open psychically at all, and the Ouija board will never work with me using it on my own. I believe that by using a Ouija board, you are reaching out to the spirit world, and negative spirits and entities can potentially come through even if that isn’t your intent. So I do recommend caution, and don’t recommend using it in your home. Always close the Ouija board down properly, and ensure you use protection, there are many forms such as prayers, incantations, or crystals such as Black Tourmaline which you can wear as a bracelet. I don’t recommend messing around with it in any form, or trying to reach out to loved ones. As spirits can and do lie, so take any responses you get with a pinch of salt. I believe they are a useful tool for trying to communicate with spirits to determine if a place is haunted. And would use it towards evidence if responses are backed up with EVP recordings and spirit box responses. If you do a Ouija board and get direct answers to questions, then carry out an EVP session and get the same answers to the same questions audibly, this would be some noteworthy evidence.

To summarise it has been an absolute pleasure in speaking to Sam from SpiritShack, his knowledge that is shared between him and his team in our opinion is the reason this humble company from the UK has become a global leader within the ghost hunting sector and we are confident they will continue to grow for many years to come. For any of our readers that are considering dipping their toe into the world of ghost hunting then you won't go far wrong by giving these guys a go. Given the industry that they operate in, we didn't know what to expect when we got into contact, what was clear to see though is a company that is driven by passion for the paranormal which is backed up by an ever bigger passion to deliver customer satisfaction, and for that, we take our hats off to them!

If any of you have used any of SpiritShack's products in the past we would love to hear from you in comments section below! Happy Hunting Guys! Now you have read the incredible story of SpiritShack, the world's fastest growing supplier of ghost hunting equipment, make sure you check out the incredible tale of the hitchhiking ghost of Uniondale.


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