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The DBR Are Investigating 38 Cases Of Ukrainian Officials & Law Enforcement For Suspected Treason

The DBR (State Bureau of Investigation) has today confirmed that it has opened investigations into 38 Ukrainian officials and law enforcement officers who are believed to have been cooperating with the Russian invaders.

Ukraine Treason
Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation has opened cases against 38 officials on the grounds of treason

Today the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (DBR) has made a statement detailing that they are currently investigating 38 cases against law enforcement officers and Ukrainian officials who are believed to have been giving information to the Russians. The DBR has confirmed that they have opened proceedings under act 111 of the criminal code of Ukraine (treason).

The DBR has claimed that among other things, they have launched criminal proceedings against several police officers in Mariupol who they accuse of committing treason under martial law by siding with the invading Russian forces.

The DBR said today, "We emphasize that the DBR records only a few cases of law enforcement officers switching to the Russian occupation authorities. The vast majority does not betray the people of Ukraine and continues to heroically defend our Motherland. Law enforcement officers also identify representatives of local self-government who actively support and propagate Russian aggression. In particular, one official was detailed in Kramatorsk." "All traitors will be detained and held accountable." They added. This is an on-going situation and we will update you when further information is available.

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