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Spanish Authorities Intercept 70 Kilos Of Marijuana In A Fish Lorry Bound For France

A fish lorry packed with 70 kilos of marijuana has been intercepted by authorities in Spain, the shipment was bound for France.

Guardia Civil pictured searching the vehicle
Guardia Civil pictured searching the vehicle

The Spanish Guardia Civil has intercepted a shipment of marijuana hidden in a fish lorry in La Jonquera, Spain, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

The narcotics were packed into vacuum-sealed, one-kilo blocks and hidden among kilos of fish in the roof segment of the truck. The driver has been arrested and is currently being questioned in police custody.

After inspecting the vehicle the Guardia Civil said in a statement that the vehicle had been purposefully modified to make it more suitable for drug transportation.

Officers decided to search the vehicle after a narcotics dog picked up a scent, leading to the discovery of a hidden compartment in the vehicle packed with the marijuana blocks.

The truck driver and the seized goods were handed over to the Examining Magistrate's Court in Figueres, Girona.

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