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Missing Women Found Alive In Jeep Five Days After Getting Stuck In Snow

Two women with intellectual disabilities have miraculously been found alive and well after becoming stranded in the snow for almost five days after getting lost. The duo got stuck in their jeep in a remote area near Nicatous Lake in Hancock County, Maine.

The missing women were found by chance by Brad Richard.
The missing women were found by chance by Brad Richard.

51-year-old Kimberly Pushard and 50-year-old Angela Bussell, both from Midcoast, and both have intellectual disabilities went missing last Tuesday after accidentally driving to Massachusetts instead of the Maine Mall, where they were due to go bowling.

After being given directions by police officers and family members, their mobile phones died and they got lost repeatedly.

A missing persons report was filed with Topsham police on Wednesday by Ms Pushard's sister.

Police focused search efforts on the area where Ms Pushard's phone last pinged, however, it was later discovered the pair were more than 300 miles away.

On Saturday morning, their vehicle ran out of fuel and they were left without heat in extremely cold temperatures.

They were finally rescued on Sunday afternoon when Game Warden Brad Richard found them by chance on a snowmobile trail - he wasn't involved in the search.

Mr Richard told the Press Herald: "Those things don't always happen by chance. I think it was kind of meant to be."

They were both taken to the hospital and treated for bruises, muscle pulls, and mild frostbite - both have since been released.

Ms Pushard's mother, Patsy, told CBS 13: "Oh gosh, you don't know how I feel tonight. I just feel so relaxed and my baby girl is coming home. We're going to hug and kiss her.

"God told me that they were going to be found this afternoon, safe and sound, and look what happened."

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