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Man Who Drove Home From Court After Receiving Driving Man Is Jailed

A man from Cheshire has been jailed after he drove to his court appearance to be disqualified and thought driving home from the court would be a good idea.

Ryan Tuckman, 29, has been jailed for eight-weeks
Ryan Tuckman, 29, has been jailed for eight-weeks

29-year-old Ryan Tuckman was banned from driving for 40 months at Crew Magistrates Court on Thursday, July 28.

Tuckman then decided to leave the court and jump into his Honda Accord and started driving home to his property in Wilmslow.

He was stopped by police on the A34 Melrose Way in Wilmslow, a search of his vehicle also discovered a quantity of cannabis.

Tuckman was arrested on suspicion of driving while disqualified and possession of cannabis.

He was put back into Crew Magistrates Court the following day and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison.

Sergeant Ian Smith, of Cheshire Police, said: "Tuckman knew he had been disqualified from driving yet still drove to court on the day he was due to be banned and brazenly got back into it to drive home. "He clearly thought that his chances of being stopped by an officer were low and that he would get away with it. "This should serve as a warning to other motorists who believe they can get behind the wheel of a vehicle while disqualified because not only is it against the law but officers can be anywhere, at any time, meaning you are likely to be caught."

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