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Man In Peru Accidently Shoots Dead His Accomplice During Attempted Robbery

Botched robbery in Peru leaves one of the would-be thieves dead on the pavement after being shot in the head by his accomplice.

robber shot dead in Peru
Roberto Arturo Bazalar Meza shot dead by his accomplice during a failed robbery in Peru

A robbery suspect has been shot dead in Peru by his accomplice while they attempted to rob a motorcycle from a delivery worker in the city of Huacho.

The delivery driver was about to leave a market before being ambushed by 27-year-old, Roberto Arturo Bazalar Meza and his currently unidentified accomplice on Monday night.

The CCTV footage below shows Balazar Meza being shot in the head by a single bullet, fired from the gun of his accomplice, he was declared dead at the scene.

According to local reports, Bazalar Meza had previously been arrested on February 19 for stealing a motorcycle in a separate incident.

Video: Peruvian Mugger Accidently Shoots Accomplice Dead

Bazalar Meza and his associate can be seen on CCTV approaching the delivery driver, who had his back turned towards them.

Bazalar Meza grabbed the delivery driver's helmet while his accomplice threatened the victim with a gun.

The intended victim of the robbery appears to turn off the ignition switch when Bazalar Meza and his accomplice both reached for the key.

A brief struggle occurred before the gunman fired a fatal shot that hit Bazalar Meza in the head, leaving him dead on the pavement.

The shooter then fled the scene on foot, leaving his accomplice dead by the side of the road.

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