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Leopard Kills Man And Critically Wounds Wife While They Slept

An Indian man has been killed and his wife is in a critical condition in hospital following a suspected leopard attack at an abandoned hospital.

Leopard Attack India
The attack took place on Tuesday in Gujarat state in Western India

The fatal attack took place at around 3am on Tuesday in Gujarat state in Western India.

Husband and wife, Raju and Jasuben Chogle were sleeping in an abandoned hospital close to the village of Jambuta in Visavadar district when it is believed the leopard entered the building. The big cat reportedly mauled Raju Chogle, 50, a labourer from the neighbouring state of Maharashtra, fatally injuring his neck. His sleeping wife was also attacked and suffered "critical" injuries.

The victim's colleagues were close and called the authorities. Emergency services arrived and transported the pair to a nearby hospital in Junagadh.

Aradhana Sahu, chief conservator of forests for the Junagadh district, said that Mr Chogle was pronounced dead shortly after, and his wife, Jasuben, remains in a serious condition in hospital.

An officer working for the forestry department told the Express: "The woman is also critical so we have not been able to get a first-hand account of what happened. However, we observed pugmarks of a leopard in Kodhiya Kendra, suggesting it was a leopard that attacked the labourers."

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