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Josh Atkinson: Workington Man Jailed For Raping Young Girl Of Primary School Age

A man from Workington who was convicted of raping a young girl of primary school age when he was 16 years old has been sentenced to four years behind bars at Carlisle Crown Court.

Josh Atkinson, 22, has been jailed for four years at Carlisle Crown Court.
Josh Atkinson, 22, has been jailed for four years at Carlisle Crown Court.

Josh Atkinson, now 22, pleaded not guilty to the charges but was convicted following a trial at Carlisle Crown Court over the rape that occurred in 2017.

The victim was extremely young at the time and still at primary school. Tim Evans, prosecuting, told the court: "She told him no and tried to push him away but he was older and stronger than she was."

The victim told her mother what had happened after having a sex education lesson at school and realising the severity of what Atkinson had done to her.

Mr Evans described how the victim had struggled with her emotions since the incident and had self-harmed on multiple occasions.

He added: "Being raped made her feel more insecure about herself, it plays on her mind. She can't trust boys and she is scared of all matters sexual."

The court heard how Atkinson, of Cockfield Drive, Workington, was 16 at the time he committed the rape, just several months before his 17th birthday, he would have to be sentenced as though he was still a minor.

Sentencing, Judge Guy Mathieson said although Atkinson maintained his innocence, he was convicted on "compelling evidence."

Atkinson was jailed for four years - with the judge stating it was half the sentence he would have received if his crime had been committed when he was over 18 years old.

He also ordered Atkinson to be on the Sex Offender Register for life and subject to a sexual harm prevention order for five years.

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