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Henry Rafferty: Man, 22, Run Over And Killed After Falling Asleep On Stranger's Driveway

A 22-year-old man who laid down on a stranger's drive after a night out drinking in Hartlepool was run over and killed by the homeowner when he returned to the property, an inquest has heard.

Henry Rafferty was just 22-years-old when he was tragically killed.
Henry Rafferty was just 22-years-old when he was tragically killed.

Henry Rafferty was returning home from a night out in Hartlepool on August 26 last year when he stopped on a stranger's driveway and fell asleep.

Upon his return to the property, the owner pulled into his drive and ran over the 22-year-old man, killing him.

The driver of the car, along with his wife who was the passenger, made the horrific discovery that Mr Rafferty was under their vehicle.

Colin Rafferty, the victim's dad, said the entire family had been left in "unbearable pain" since the tragic accident.

He said: "We can't believe it's happened. We all cry every day. It's just so bad, the pain is unbearable.

"There were hundreds of people at his funeral. There are hundreds who love him so dearly."

Mr Rafferty, who worked as a transport manager, died of torso injuries, a post-mortem examination concluded.

Authorities revealed that a toxicology report showed he had a considerable amount of alcohol in his system - the equivalent of around three times the legal drink-drive limit.

Police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, with assistant coroner Karin Welsh describing the incident as a "tragic accident".

Ms Welsh said: "He had been out socialising. It looks as if he was making his way back home.

"For some reason, whether he had fallen or lay down, he was on the driveway of a property in Elwick Road, Hartlepool.

"It was a driveway that led to the rear of a property. It appears that it was not well-lit. On this particular evening it appears the gentleman was returning home. He stopped and turned onto the driveway." Ms Welsh added: "He had all of his life ahead of him and sadly that has been taken away. It's a heartbreaking reminder to all of us of the preciousness of life."

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