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Hacker Group Targets Russian TV telling People To Find Shelter & Take Radiation Pills

Citizens in the east of Russia were told they had been subjected to a nuclear attack, to find immediate shelter and take radiation pills after hackers infiltrated television and radio stations.

Example of what was shown to Russian residents during the hack.
Various warnings were shown to Russians during the hacked broadcasts.

This most recent hack of media stations is the third time in the last two weeks similar hoax warnings have been broadcast throughout Russia.

On February 22, a hoax civil defence siren announced an "air raid alert" was in effect, while on February 28, it was announced that a "missile threat" was inbound.

Today's hack encouraged listeners to "take potassium iodide pills", which are typically used in radiation emergencies.

The TV station showed a map of Russia that gradually turned red from west to east with a voice saying: "There was a strike. Urgently go to a shelter. Seal the premises. Use gas masks of all types. In the absence of gas masks, use cotton-gauze bandages."

Television screens also flashed up with a yellow and black radiation warning sign and a message that said: "Everyone immediately to shelter."

Local media reported that TV and radio networks in the Moscow and Sverdlovsk region were affected, including Yekaterinburg, Russia's fourth-largest city.

Russia's emergencies ministry said: "A false air raid alert was broadcast in Moscow after servers of radio stations and TV channels were hacked."

Hackers have been targeting Russia regularly since their brutal invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for today's hacks, however, the "IT Army of Ukraine" said they were behind earlier similar incidents.

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