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Eighteen Migrants Found Dead In Abandoned Lorry On Highway In Bulgaria

Police in Bulgaria have discovered the bodies of 18 migrants who appear to have suffocated inside an abandoned truck. More than a dozen survivors have been taken to hospital in a serious condition after suffering from lack of oxygen, freezing, and not eating for days.

Bulgarian Police at the scene were the truck was found with the 18 dead migrants.
Bulgarian Police at the scene were the truck was found with the 18 dead migrants.

The lorry was found on a highway near Sofia and was carrying around 40 migrants, the survivors have reportedly been taken to nearby hospitals for emergency treatment, the Interior Ministry said.

Investigative Service Chief Borislav Sarafov said three people had been arrested after the discovery of the truck but have not yet been charged.

Several local media sources have identified the migrants as Afghanis, but their nationality has not been officially confirmed.

Assen Medzhidiev, the Bulgarian health minister, said the survivors were in very bad condition.

He said: "They have suffered from lack of oxygen, their clothes are wet, they are freezing, and obviously haven't eaten for days.

The vehicle was found near the village of Lokorsko, around 12 miles from the capital. The driver was not with the truck.

Authorities found the passengers hidden in a secret compartment underneath a cargo of timber.

Eight of the survivors are said to be in a very serious condition in hospital.

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