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Boy, 12, Set On Fire By Group Of Youths In Blackpool

A 12-year-old boy has suffered severe burns after being set alight in Bancroft Park in Blackpool. The victim was with a friend when two older males approached and offered to show them a magic trick before lighting his t-shirt on fire with a cigarette lighter.

The attack took place in Bancroft Park, Blackpool, on Tuesday evening
The attack took place in Bancroft Park, Blackpool, on Tuesday evening

The victim suffered "significant burns" to his torso in the attack that took place between 8-9pm on Tuesday.

The boy was rushed to hospital by a passer-by who stopped to help him. Police are now appealing for witnesses or any information people may have that will assist in identifying the attackers.

Detective Inspector Kirsty Wyatt, of Blackpool CID, said: "This was a horrific assault on a young boy and he has suffered some really significant burn injuries which will need on-going hospital treatment.

"I would appeal to anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area at around the time of the attack to come forward and speak to us.

"We will have extra patrols in the area over the coming days and I would urge anyone with information or concerns to speak to an officer."

The first suspect is described as tall, wearing a black hoody with the hood pulled up, a black mask, black trousers with pockets on the legs, and black leather gloves.

The second offender is described as smaller, also wearing a black hoody with the hood up, black joggers, and fingerless gloves. He covered his face with his hand.

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