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3 Dead & 13 Injured As Explosion Rips Through Restaurant In Afghan Capital

An explosion at a restaurant in Dehmazang, Kabul, has killed at least three people and left a further thirteen seriously wounded, according to the Taliban.

Kabul Bomb
Video footage showing people carrying the injured circulated on social media

Video footage of the aftermath of the blast that occurred today in Dehmazang was shared on social media platforms. The Taliban confirmed the incident and said that at least 3 people were killed and a further 13 had been wounded in the explosion that took place inside a restaurant in the Dehmazang area of Kabul.

Witnesses to the event said at least 7 people had been killed and a further 14 were injured, contradicting the numbers released by the Taliban.

Aftermath Of The Incident:

This most latest explosion follows the report of the two Russian diplomats who were killed in a suicide bombing outside the Russian embassy in Kabul on September 5.

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